Your thoughts are very powerful!

change your thoughts
change your life!

Awaken to peace, love, prosperity and happiness through Self-exploration.


Karen’s focus is on self awareness and helping others awaken to who they truly are through the journey of Self- exploration. This opens the door to peace, love, prosperity and happiness, which has the power to change your life and our world. This change starts within you.  
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life_coaching Life Coaching

My goal is to bring about self awareness by actively listening to an individual’s storey.

reiki Reiki Apprenticeship/ Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

courses Transformational Life

When I first meet with a client I like to offer a few reminders

intuitive_reading Public Speaking

Karen is a compassionate individual whose talks are motivating, captivating, inspiring and meaningful with a touch of humor.


Spirituality 101 – the lost knowledge made simple

Are you seeking options to improve your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually, expand your consciousness and improve your health? Is your identity wrapped into the life of your job, are you looking to expand into more of yourself, incorporating your job into your life, instead of your job taking over your life?