Public Speaking


Public Speaking

• Karen Taks is a Spiritual Life Coach who speaks from her heart and shares stories of her own life's experiences and journey of transformation.

• Karen will show and explain the direct correlations between between her childhood perceptions that developed into false beliefs that created the conditioning of her whole life that effected her health, relationships, family, career, money and happiness.

• What Karen talks about will help you understand and guide you to connect to your own unlimited Divine Consciousness and help you make choices that are more in line with your highest good.

Karen talks about:

• core perceptions
• belief systems
• conscious awareness
• what are your values
• taking responsibility
• self esteem
• setting and maintaining strong boundaries
• getting your needs met* synergistic relationships
• clear communication
• health and wellness
• addictions and denial
• fear and anxiety
• forgiveness
• Reiki energy
• meditation
• grounding yourself
• affirmations
• what is your vision
• spirituality

Karen is a compassionate individual whose talks are motivating, captivating, inspiring and meaningful with a touch of humor. Karen is open and flexible with her talks and they can be tailored to fit any size, occasion, theme, group, location or function.

If you are interested in booking Karen Taks please get in touch.


If you are interested in booking Karen Taks please get in touch!.

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