Transformational Life

transformational life

Transformational Life Program Syllabus

When I first meet with a client I like to offer a few reminders. I call them reminders because these are things we all already know and have only forgotten.

You are a beautiful spiritual being and in many ways truly unique. No one knows you better than you know yourself. You have come into this life fully equipped to manage your time on this planet. To a great degree our journey is a solitary one. Still, now and again, we like to have help – and help is available.

Help helps… It helps us focus and be organized. It helps us to clarify our thoughts, especially when we speak out loud to someone else. Help, in the form of life coaching or spiritual guidance, supports our process by reminding us of who we truly are - when we occasionally forget.

That’s what life coaching and spiritual consulting is all about. It is you seeking help in making the changes in your life that you would like to make. I am not here to tell you how your life should look. I hope only to encourage you to consider other ideas when the ones you are currently using are not working for you.

There are two kinds of truth - absolute and subjective. It is the subjective truths that we are here to explore. What seems true to you may not be an absolute truth.

A Transformational Life is based in evolving consciousness, growing awareness, by remembering who you are and why you are here. It is about you understanding you – Nosce te Ipsum … It’s also about balanced Body, Mind, and Spirit. When we feel out of sorts, then at least one of these aspects of our being is out of balance. We may be blocked or caught up in things we’ve been told are true and have simply accepted. For most of us, there eventually comes a time when we begin to look at these truths in the context of our own life and ask, “Is this indeed true for me?”

Life is a process, one that need not be as onerous as we often make it. This is about making life easier for ourselves.

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